I had my day off jam packed with inspections to hopefully be able to find LeNest 2.0!! The first one I walked in to was absolutely beautiful. It was in a new secure complex with a pool! Another one bedroom but significantly more space!

I went from inspection to inspection without being able to find anything nearly as good as the first one. I somehow managed to stop in to Barebones Barbershop for a sneaky cut and then some fast food between inspections. My next inspection was one that Ka and I had been in two minds about. It was a two bedroom with beautiful high ceilings and ceiling to floor glass down the front, only problem was that it was a little far out.

I arrived at the inspection and the agent marched towards me in a huff. She said that they weren't able to find a set of keys and that they wouldn't be able to reschedule a time that suited my day off the following week. We saw this a sign and I moved on.

Throughout the day I still was super excited about the first apartment I saw, I couldn't get it out of my mind. So I arranged to pick Ka up from work and go straight to the apartment so she could have a look!

Needless to say, we put in our application that night!