Versatile Blogger

I seem to have little spurts throughout life where I just need to spend a bit of time disconnecting from the social aspect of the internet and recharge my creative batteries to feel inspired again. The other day a little comment popped up in email that a lovely lady had nominated me for a versatile blogger award, so now I'm back with vengeance! Thank you to the lovely Alexandra from Polaroid Suitcase, and see below who some of my FAVOURITE blogs are and find out some extra little "ka-facts" that you might not have known….



The rules of this award are:

Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog
Nominate 15 people for the award and let them know they have been nominated.
Write 7 facts about yourself

My fifteen nominations are:

  1. Door Sixteen
  2. Manhattan Nest
  3. Chronicled Blog 
  4. A Pair of Pears
  5. Mint Love Social Club
  6. Zeal Blog by Bec
  7. The Everygirl
  8. Two Red Bowls
  9. Joy the Baker
  10. How Sweet it is
  11. Shardette
  12. Live Creating Yourself
  13. Likes of Us
  14. Blood and Champagne
  15. The Decorista - Domestic Bliss


Seven facts about myself:

  1. I love to purchase books. I don't feel like I read my purchases enough but I love being in a bookstore and feeling the pages of different paper stock between my fingertips and i often take those that feel the nicest home.
  2. I would drink soup every single day if I could.
  3. I love the hustle and bustle of the city but I feel the calmest when I am out in the green countryside.
  4. Constantly on the search for new things which I've never seen before or things done better than any previous version.
  5. I love the concept of rituals. Having a set pattern of doing things which provides a certain feeling of fulfilment or calming in the everyday business of my mind.
  6. I have so many ideas and I'm constantly unsure of my ability to complete them to the standard I'd like.
  7. I am always toying with the idea of removing social media from my life, I love it and hate it at the same time!

I'd love to know some of your favourite blogs, do you have certain sites you have to visit?

- Ka xx