An evening in the Round


Tonight we went to see our friend Alex perform at Dowse Bar underneath Iceworks in Paddington at an evening called "The Round". When we arrived we found out that someone had pulled out and another friend Bec and her brother Ric had stepped in to fill the spot! Whilst we waited for the music to start we shared the prawn and chorizo croquettes and a pizza of slow cooked duck, roast peppers, sautéed red onion, bocconcini with plum sauce and watercress. The food along with a glass of wine was a delicious meal for the evening! The venue was amazingly intimate and alongside was another artist (who's name has escaped me) who was amazing. They all performed a few originals and a cover each and there was even a Radiohead cover on piano which absolutely blew our minds. A great venue for local Brisbane artists to be seen and heard!