Taking Stock on a Wednesday

I saw this very cool list over on the blog "Meet me at Mike's" and I thought it would be a great little way to work through the things that are present in my life at the moment and what I'm grateful for. I found recently that the negative actions of other's were really affecting me and I've been really trying to make a conscious effort to be grateful for the things I have and how great my life really is!


Making : textile prints.
Cooking : not a lot, due to our move.
Drinking : more water.
Reading: articles online regarding the new Apple software releases.
Wanting: furniture.
Looking: at homes online (particularly bedrooms).
Playing: Ed Sheeran & Passenger - No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop (Kygo Remix) listen here
Deciding: on how to arrange furniture.
Wishing: our move was already over!
Enjoying: my new job as a head textile designer.
Waiting: for contact lenses to arrive in the mail.
Liking: listening to music through our Sonos sound system .
Wondering: how cold the Melbourne weather will get (and am I prepared?)
Loving: Spending quality evening time with Jaraad and it being just the two of us in the house.
Pondering: autocorrection of words.
Considering: future holidays.
Watching: things on our tv (ie. we have a tv).
Hoping: the drive home goes quickly this afternoon.
Marvelling: how quickly our move will happen.
Needing: to get home, sell a singer table, and get to collingwood.
Smelling: like Ja's Givenchy fragrance (Gentlemen Only? Pfffft).
Wearing: black/black/black #Melbourne.
Following: The missing plane…. still.
Noticing: How dark it's getting earlier.
Knowing: I am loved and special.
Thinking: about the future, always and forever.
Feeling: like I'm in a really great place in life.
Admiring: street style on Pinterest.
Sorting: through our house as we pack up to downsize to a 2 bedroom unit from a 3 bedroom house.
Buying: contact lenses were my most recent purpose, I'm not sure how I feel re: glasses anymore.
Getting: excited to visit my parents on Friday.
Bookmarking: Pantone colour charts.
Disliking: how loud keyboard keys click.
Opening: too many links on the internet.
Giggling: at the "wasted" gif's online.
Feeling: happy!
Snacking: dried apple rings.
Coveting: nike air max's.
Wishing: there was a new iPhone already.
Helping: to make a better future.
Hearing: A bunch of Kygo remixes of sound cloud.

Please feel free to copy the list and take account for the positive things happening in your life.

- Ka xx