Spotlight on: Richmond

Ja and I are both really lucky to work in inner suburbs that have a lot of character and lovely shops to browse. I work in Richmond and I really feel like spending my lunch breaks and afternoons wandering there makes me feel like I actually live in Melbourne. There are so many beautiful heritage buildings and the tram occasionally swings past before heading over the bridge to Chapel Street. So without further ado, here are a few of my Richmond food favourites:

a few snaps from my iPhone of the lovely and frequently sunny Richmond

a few snaps from my iPhone of the lovely and frequently sunny Richmond

1. Fonda Mexican: I first went to Fonda Windsor with a friend and then decided to take Ja to the Richmond restaurant and I've yet to have a bad experience! Fonda Mexican is everything I always dreamed Mexican would be and more. There is a hidden courtyard out the back with string lights and bench seating and inside the kitchen is decked out in subway tiles. I would eat here everyday if i could.

ORDER: 2 x Fish Taco and the lychee and elderflower frozen margaritas 

TIP: The tortillas are gluten free = yay!

2. Amsterdam Street Cafe: This beauty is just across from my work and I would without a doubt eat their ham sandwich every single day. I've tried to recreate it at home but it just never turns out the same. The ladies are chatty and lovely and this hidden gem makes me smile.

ORDER: Ham sandwich, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, and this amazing mustard+mayo mix

TIP: Grab a secret recipe tea from the fridge. 

3. Pillar of Salt: If there is one place that you are going to grab a coffee in Richmond - this should be it. The restaurant itself is bright and constantly busy and there is almost always a line up here. 

ORDER: Soy Latte 

TIP: Allow time incase there is a line up, this certainly isn't a quick 30 minute stop and you'll want to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of Church Street.

- Ka xx