Smith Family Christmas Appeal

smith family

Today, my friends Claire, James and I helped deliver gift bags of toys and books to children in need as part of the Smith Family Christmas Appeal. We delivered 5 parcels to 5 separate families and whilst it only took around 1.5hrs to complete, the look of joy on the childrens and carers faces when we delivered the parcels was great!

James purchased us santa hats so we looked aptly festive and one lady even popped her own on and had christmas carols playing when we arrived! If you are over 18, have a look at volunteering for the Smith Family and help make the Christmas of someone else brighter. It is so easy in the holiday season to get caught up in the "buy, buy, buy" for family and friends, but to help children who don't have a say into the circumstances they are born to have a happier and joy filled christmas is the best feeling in the world!

- Ka xx