It's Friday I'm in Love #3

Welcome back Friday! We've missed you around these parts, but the internet has been full of inspiration this week. From people creating with passion, to those creating things ethically and products that would improve my life tenfold, I hope you'll love these beauties too!

1. Ikea PS2014 collection hit my blogfeeds like a tsunami. It's limited edition and i've seen no word on whats headed our way yet, but i love this metal cage and the cute plastic pieces that you can arrange on the frame. I'd repaint the pieces gold, silver and copper and then leave them shaped into notes on a daily basis. 

2. This copper bike is a little out of my price range... okay a lot. But I'm wondering if I can find a cool frame on gumtree and paint in copper with spray paint? It wouldn't age as beautifully as real copper but certainly would be more budget friendly.

3. This blog post puts everything into perspective. We forget these important things and often most of them don't cross my mind, I've bookmarked this one for a future reference.

4. Casual comfy street style via Pinterest. I love wearing oversized anything and sneakers, theres something really androgynous that I like about it.

5. These printed textiles from Elephant Landing are not only visually stunning, but ethically produced. Owners Jayden + Caroline set up a training school in India for women on sewing and embroidery (women who are often widows or single mothers) and when they graduate they receive a sewing machine! These products are made in their homes, for your homes, and there's something really beautiful in knowing that someone received another chance at being successful through the production of these products. Watch the video about how it all began here.

6. Ja and I used to work with a guy named Damien Woods at Apple. One day he decided he'd had enough being a photographer and sold all of his camera equipment (note: Ja bought it!) and then one day he picked up a film camera in an attempt to fall back in love with photography. He's put together a book of some of his work from the past year and it's available for purchase on his site. This picture of the Story Bridge is one of my favourites. 

7.  Pillow case DIY! I Made some pillows last weekend, but I love these colour blocked versions and feel like I might add some more to my collection this weekend. Any opportunity to go to spotlight... Also: everyone on instagram/facebook seemed to love my little zip pouches, if I was to sell them would people buy them?

8. Real Living style editor Sarah Ellison has created her own range of Wallpapers titled: Light of Heart. This black and white cheetah yet confetti esque wallpaper has been on my mind since I saw it, and I also love the pink watercolour titled splatter too. If I owned a house, you can guarantee these would be on the walls.

Also: We activated pinning on the blog, so you can now pin from us straight to all your dream and wish boards on Pinterest ♥

I'd love to see what you've loved this week, and what DIY's you have planned for your weekends!

- Ka xx