It's Friday I'm in love #2

YAY! It's Friday again, which means i've had plenty of time to lust after things I've found drifting around the internet....

1. This picture from Tumblr reminded me of a road Ja and I drove down in Marysville. I cannot recommend Marysville enough, the scenery was just breathtaking.

2. Mr & Mrs Smith Quilt from Hunting for George (I visited their pop up store a few months ago and all of their wares are so beautiful). I'm planning to redo our bedroom and this cover is beautiful.

3. Sweet Corn Cake Eggs Benedict with Avocado Hollandaise. This meal is what I would have for a last meal. Love corn fritters. Love eggs benedict. Love hollandaise. I'm going to make this for a Sunday breakfast, I'm already drooling.

4. The unsealed pattern designed for Rosenthal by Inesa Malafej at Etc.Etc Design Studio. Placed on Format Dinnerware by Christop De La Fontaine, these are just divine.

5. DIY Sage sticks over on Poppy Talk. Smudge out all that negative energy + a chance to air the house out before Melbourne winter hits.

6. Bloom Blanket: this Kickstarter campaign is everything I want from a blanket and made in Barcelona.

7.  Headspace. I was so happy to see this morning that one of my girl crush's, Bec over at Zeal Blog, is also loving this app. It teaches you how to meditate and I find having something that makes me spend time doing it keeps me more accountable. There are so many apps/programs for exercise so its great to finally see a beautiful interface lend itself to our brains + mental health.

8. Country Road Home Autumn/Winter 2014. Shut up and take my money. 

- Ka xx