iPhone's, Watches + maybe Android

Q. When does the new iPhone come out?

A. Next Friday 19th September - you can preorder with your carrier from this Friday however.



B. What’s different to the last iPhone/should I get one?

A. I have always felt that for the standard consumer, the technical jargon thrown out is really off putting. It makes it really difficult to ascertain what will be of impact in a day to day usage situation. Now please bare in mind that your individual circumstances might be different, but hopefully the following will help - 

  • The phone is a complete redesign, it does not look like the previous iPhones 
  • It’s also bigger and available in two sizes a 4.7” called the iPhone 6 and a 5.5” called the iPhone 6+ 
  • It features a retina HD display - you will like this.
  • There is a new chip which will make the phone work faster and in turn see your battery last longer.
  • There are a few camera modifications which will mainly impact your video taking abilities 
  • It features a digital image stabiliser which will stop things from being out of focus due to minor shakes from your hands
  • 4.7” model will provide you with 10hrs of internet/data use on a 3g network or 11hrs on wifi. The current lineup of iPhones offer 8hrs on 3g.
  • Touch id will allow you to unlock and to authorise payments for apps etc. 
  • You’ll eventually be able to use your phone the same way you use a pay wave atm card - cool huh?!
  • Theres some health programs and your phone can help monitor your fitness
  • It comes preloaded with iOS8 
  • It uses the now standard apple lightening charging cable - so if you had an iPhone 5, 5s or 5c all your cables will still work!


Q. Help! I’m locked in a plan, but I want the new phone, what can I do?

A. you can buy a phone outright from Apple which will be unlocked OR you can utilise the credits that telstra and optus are providing for people to exit contacts early. In most cases you should be able to upgrade your phone if you are in the last 3 months of your plan with no additional costs - however its best to speak to your carrier about your individual situation.



Q. Apple Watch?

A. This is something I’ve been really excited about and apple seems to have done an excellent job - I can’t wait to get my hands on it and check that it translates into daily life (i’ll keep you posted when I purchase one after they are released). The main things are:

  • there are a few different styles and lots of different bands
  • it interacts directly with your phone
  • You can watch a cool Apple watch video HERE here which shows the features better than I could explain them


Q. What do you think about Android?

A. Honestly, I never thought it was for me. Jaraad has had a Sony Xperia Z, HTC one, Samsung Galaxy note 2, Samsung Tab3 and now a Samsung Galaxy S5. I really struggled with the Xperia Z and it was terrible, HTC one was slightly better but I still found the entire system really clunky. Then we purchase the Samsung tablet and it was horrendous to install an interface onto it and I thought I was done with giving Android a chance until I played with the Samsung S5 (see below). I think the fact that the software and the devices are made separately and not together is frustrating as there are often glitches with the Android devices I used. That's something I personally love about Apple - the software and the device work together seamlessly and mostly produce an experience that whilst limited, doesn't make me want to pull out my hair.


Q. What are your thoughts on the Galaxy S5?

A. The Galaxy S5 is excellent and I was at the point where I thought maybe I’d jump ship and give it a go! The split screen app’s where you can watch something on youtube and still text message was what first sold me, and then I saw some of the beautiful layers you could put on to amend the look and feel and I was truly jealous. I don’t think its the best looking device, but the functionality is amazing! It’s the best interface I’ve ever interacted with on an Android device and if someone was to ask for my advice, that would be the one I’d recommend. I've decided to stick with apple because it matches my lifestyle, and honestly I think apple products are some of the best looking technology products around!


Q. What are you going to get?

A. I’m going to go with the iPhone 6 16gb in gold and I’ve wanted a wearable since I saw the Galaxy Gear in rose gold, but the lack of functionality deterred me. So I really want to grab an Apple Watch in rose gold and I’d probably pay around $600 for one with no problems or concerns, I'd use it constantly. I normally get a 32gb phone, however these have been removed from the lineup, because I’ve never filled more than 32gb I think I’ll be safe to drop down to a 16gb - however depending on carrier plans I might grab a 64gb.

I hope this helps out with some of your tech wonders around the new iPhones!

- Ka xx