Top Ten Moving Tips

There are lots of things I'm asked frequently, but since our relocation to Melbourne the number one question has to be "how did you do it?". Moving two suburbs is daunting, moving two states? terrifying. So I thought I'd pop together my ten moving tips (some of which can be applied to any house move) and hopefully they help you out.

top ten moving tips

1. Be prepared. Boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap from Kennards, Tape, Scissors and packing tubes from Officeworks. Being prepared pays because you get the best deal. 

2. DO NOT USE NEWSPAPER ON YOUR FRAGILE ITEMS. When you touch newspaper you end up with the ink on your fingers, same can happen to fragile items, paper goods, anything with an unsealed surface.

3. Watch youtube videos for how to pack properly. Ja thought I was a bit insane (most people probably do) but I watched videos on how to pack and stack books properly. Do you know how many of our things were damaged when we got to Melbourne? ZERO. That's what I'd call a packing success.

4. Sell things you don't need! If you've bought something from ikea, it can work out cheaper to replace it interstate and it provides you a chance to go shopping, and who doesn't love shopping!

5. Utilise a backload company. We used and I really loved that our quote was saved and I could add and modify our contents in real time. With backloads you pay for anything you send: forgot to add your fridge? too bad, it can't go, they only allocate space for what you specify.

6. LABEL YOUR THINGS. Remember in primary school and your mum would write your name on simply everything you took to school? I labelled everything. I put big white labels from office works on the top and side of all our boxes with our job number, names and phone numbers, I also popped them onto the back of furniture and onto any individual items. The moving guys also thought I was insane (I'm spotting a trend) but said that it was a great idea they'd never seen done before. They were easily removed when we set up home and it gave me piece of mind whilst our things were in storage.

7. Don't tell everyone that you are moving. The lack of pressure from people to catch up before we left really alleviated a lot of stress. Also, we were just moving to Melbourne, not Antarctica. 

8. Pack snacks for the drive. My Mum helped make some sandwiches and snacks for us and they really helped on the trip (this also meant we didn't spend a lot of money on junk from service stations nor did we have to stop as frequently).

9. Don't push it. If you are tired, pull over and have a break or stop at a hotel. We wanted to do it in one stretch. Come 1hr out of newcastle and we were tired and irritable so we decided to just call it and found a 24hr hotel. It was just over $100 for the night and it was great for a few hours sleep. 

10. Have a solid bank of $$$. Moving is expensive and you'll feel less stressed if you know you have a bank account to support you for a little while!

If you have any of your own tips and tricks, I'd love to hear them: pop them in the comment section below.

- Ka xx