Date Night

FerrisWheel Tonight Ka and I went on a date. After not being able to eat any solid foods because of my teeth and not being able to eat anything nice because of our health kick, Ka and I were literally dying for a hearty meal!

We hopped in the car without a clue of where we would head out for dinner. A very spontaneous Ka suggested we head out to Marina Mirage for Ribs and Rumps. Upon our arrival, we hastily ordered Lamb and Beef ribs! Luckily I was still on heavy pain meds because even the incredibly tender ribs were a task to eat!

It was horribly delicious! I'm not sure if it was because of our diet in recent weeks but I my taste buds were in absolute bliss! I wasn't stopping! I even devoured most of what was on Ka's plate!

Afterwards a nice drive into Southbank for some Gelato and I finally convinced Ka to come on the wheel of Brisbane with me! She's super scared of heights so I was quite happy she decided to come along. I've always romanticised ferris wheels for some reason, so I found the combination of the gelato, Ka and views of the city at night to be an exquisite experience.