Book Review: The Male Brain

The Male Brain High Res

Recently, Ja and I were gifted with some books from our lovely friends Ben and Ingrid as a congratulations on our engagement. Fittingly both were about understanding the opposite sex and why they act the way they do! I instantly gravitated to reading "The Male Brain" by Louann Brizendine to see if my understanding of males was correct and if not, exactly what was going on with the species.

The book itself is really easy to read. It's written in such a personal manner by someone who is without a doubt an expert and the book is broken down in such a way that it doesn't become boring. Each section is broken down according to "chapters" in a male life (i.e.. boy brain, teen brain, mating brain etc) and explains why males behave in certain ways during those phases. Due to Louann's psychologist and medical background, chapters are backed up by either 1. Stories about patients or 2. Stories about her husband and their son. There are some handy sections at the start of the book which outlay all the chemicals referred to throughout the book and also a table explaining different stages and developmentally what is happening inside the male's body.

I especially liked that females were mentioned in relation to situations and how particular behaviours we exhibit make a man act due to internal factors and chemicals that he may not necessarily have control over. In the past there have been occasions when Ja has reacted in a particular way to something I've said or done and I've been left confused and a little lost as to what happened. When we've chatted about why he reacted that way and he's been unable to explain it, I've always thought it was a bit of a cop out. This doesn't apply to just Ja though (the man is always on his best behaviour and I often think he must be a secret alcoholic to be dealing with me on a daily basis) and I can recall instances where my Dad or even Grandfather got into a mood over something that was a "non issue", spent some time alone and came back as if nothing had ever happened. This book explains why situations happen in that manner, what they are caused by and I now feel adequately prepared for handling these situations with grace, dignity and a little less "Talk to me now or I'll lock myself in the bathroom" (Incase I haven't mentioned previously, I like to cry, sometimes even because I'm so happy and just looking in Ja's eyes made me emotional).

Because the book is written by a Doctor, there is an entire section at the back dedicated to notes and references, so whilst the book looks hefty, its actually not. I think it took me 2 evenings of rough reading here and there to finish the book. I also read the notes section but I don't think thats key to understanding anything within the pages. I truly believe that a book like this should be used in high school education due to the manner it approaches hard to explain situations with. I had no idea about 70% of the information contained in this book and I feel that if I had read it back when I was 16 I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and confusion.

I would without a doubt recommend that any female go out, buy it and read it (I'm planning to read it a few more times to make sure I have it all understood) so that they understand their brothers, fathers, grandfathers, boyfriends and husbands a bit better. I'd also recommend that males go out and buy it, because there is no way you actually know even half of the information contained in this book (unless you are doctor, in which case, carry on), and you might find that it helps you understand why you behave in certain ways and help to improve your confidence and approaches to life as a man.

I wholeheartedly give this book 5 cups of tea out of 5.

- Ka xx