A day at the beach

Kite Surfer

This was such an awesome day to get our togs on and head to the beach! So that's what we did. Not without coffee and bagels beforehand of course!

The trip down as always was great, long drives and good music are something we both appreciate. Once we got there, we actually went to a beach we hadn't gone to before. Ka and I were lying down and watching a kite surfer fly about when I noticed my skin was beginning to get quite warm from the heat.

Shortly afterwards I told Ka that I was going for a walk to grab some water and sunscreen. Now, I didn't take any shoes with me so once I hit the road I realised I was going to be bound to the sand for a while. I walked and walked and walked until eventually I had walked so far that I decided that I had been gone way too long and I had to return with something at least.

So I continued to walk. My feet at this stage were so burnt I literally just wanted to call it quits and catch a cab back. Only problem was I had no idea where to go! I also didn't have my phone with me so I had to stumble among the burning tarmac until I found a pay phone (and a corner store with sunscreen and water).

Ka seemed fine when she picked me up (although she said she was burnt). So we went back to the beach, covered ourselves in sunscreen and went for a swim!


EDIT: So a few days later, Ka who was in tremendous amounts of pain found out she had heatstroke after being admitted to a medical centre after collapsing. Yikes!